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Instantly Create a unique lighting experience in your pool, spa or patio with the Pool & Patio Lights. These solar floating pool lights provide elegant ambiance as a patio table lantern or as an aquatic light in the retracted position. And It is great for evening parties or relaxing poolside. With six kinds of color or multi-colored LED lights , more than 5 In order to better show the effect of SOLAR floating pool light !

Solar Lights is a updated version with 25% stronger battery, and improved solar panel, these floating pool lights will create a brighter, longer lasting glow of reflective colorful light in your water feature for up to 10 hours.

This floating light is solar powered, so it requires no wiring, No electricity is required to power it. Solar powered charges the rechargeable Ni-MH battery, The solar panel inside the globe converts sunlight into electricity that is then stored in the integral rechargeable battery pack. The light switches on automatically when it gets dark and turns itself off when re-exposed to light or when the battery is fully discharged. The globe uses a white plastic housing so that the LED can easily shine through, glowing in every color in the spectrum.

Multiple Use Function and with line holes:

1). Put in the pool, charge in the daytime, and light In night automatic.

2). Hang over the tree, charge in the daytime, and light in night automatic.

3). Hang over the curtain, charge in the daytime, and light in night automatic.

4). Hang over the door, charge in the daytime, and light in night automatic.

On the top and bottom side of These are provided line holes, convenient for More lights connections and fixed on the surface of the water.

There is an "on-off" switch underneath the battery case.Push the switch to the "on" position and position the floating light in a sunny location and that the solar panel faces to the sun. Shady locations will influence the battery charge and may shorten the working time of the light at night time.The solar light should not be place near lighting such as street lights,which may cause the light to turn off as there is a sensor inside to feel brightness and control the light working.

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