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Product Description

   Illumination area reaches 5 m², lights, life can be up to more than 10 years
   An electronic rotary switch
   High performance rotary switch, through 50000 times life test, the product
brightness can reach 42-56lux
   0.3W solar charging panel
   0.3W Mono crystalline silicon solar panels,1000W/m2 Light under the
condition of charging current can reach more than 60mAh
   Fluorescent button
   Plastic buttons inside to add fluorescent powder, night can easily help you
find the solar lamp
   Waterproof IP41
   Product structure design by CTI professional testing agencies, through the
IP41waterproof test
   300H High and low temperature impact test
   Products through the high and low temperature impact test 300 h 0-60
degree, the function is normal
   14500 450mAh The large capacity lithium battery
   Large capacity of 450mAh lithium-ion batteries, sustainable discharge more
than 8 hours
   Curved shape bracket
   Curvilinear triangular stand convenient hanging placed,through professional
nickel plating processing can not rust dongguan salt spray for 24 hours
   Beryllium copper DC charging seat
   Beryllium copper heat treatment DC charging dock, can withstand 5000 plug
testResistance to ultraviolet radiation
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